The specific information about the Archives holdings are accessible on following all-Poland databases:

SEZAM - go to the database
Archival holdings recording system (basic information about archival units and collections: name and the collection number, author classification, documentation final dates, size in archival units and linear meters of archival materials (A category) and not archival documentation (B category), the state of preparation - the kind of collection card and existing archival support, the content characteristics, the documentation language and the sharing conditions.

IZA - go to the database
The archival collections list (the inventory list is the basic kind of archival support for the prepared collections. It gives the reference number, title, documentation final dates, description, physical state, form, language, kind of writing, the number of pages or sheets, format, former reference numbers and remarks. Some of the inventory lists are equipped with index passwords - geographical, personal and material).

PRADZIAD - go to the database
Record books and vital records stored in the State Archives and some parish registers.

ELA - go to the database
Different kinds of population censuses (registration books, land registers, lit of tax-payers, voters, etc.).

Szukajwarchiwach - go to the database
Records (lists, work lists) of registration books and vital records together with the files scans.

-go the database - go to the database
European Archival Portal Records (lists, certificates of delivery and acceptance) 219 archival collections consisting of 45 073 archival units. Among them there are: all birth certificates and vital records, prewar District Authority offices, town’s files, The Head of the District of Kalisz from the World War I or the Voivodeship Statistic Office in Kalisz.